Stylish Hand Sanitisers At Barr Field

Josh Bhandal and Jon Richards alongside one of our new hand sanitisers.

With the F.A's recent announcement that a certain number of fans are allowed back into grounds to watch football, we would like to take this chance to say welcome back to all our supporters.

Following the F.A's instructions, the club has had to implement regulations to assist in keeping the wellbeing of spectators and players/staff alike.

When you arrive, we are asking all visitors to enter the ground through the main entrance. There is a track and trace book, located at the bar, which needs completing.

We have also been very fortunate to have received some superb hand sanitising stations from Didbear that you can't miss!

We wish to say a huge thank you to both Dominic Adamson at Didbear and James Moss from Switchgear Limited for the installation of the sanitisers. We urge you to visit both websites and if you are looking for hand sanitisers and installation.

There are four stations for you to use, and they are located at the bar, outside the male and female toilets and by the door leading to the changing rooms.

One of our Ashfield Nursing home kit sponsors hand sanitsers located in the clubhouse.
James from Switchgear Limited hard at work securing our new sanitisers.

Please also remember to maintain social distancing when in the ground. Each of the posts around the pitch is approximately two meters in distance, so please use this as a guide.

The bar will be open, but drinks have to be consumed outside. There is signage on the floor that indicates how the bar should be approached, and the one-way system to leave the clubhouse by the rear exit.

Thank you for your co-operation, and it's great to see you back again! Hopefully, Rangers can put a smile back on all our faces after such a difficult time!


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