So You Think You're A Comedian?

In Ash Tatler's case, the answer is definitely yes! Added to that he's also become quite the TikTok star! It's been quite a strange time during this lockdown with new skills and talents being found, and it appears that our centre forward has quite the eye for mimicry and impersonation. Not only does he turn his hand to the legendary Lee Evans, but Peter Kay and Gavin & Stacey also get the Tatler treatment! There's also a bit of original material that has garnered over 421,000 views alone. Speaking about his newfound internet fame, Ash said, "My mates had the app (TikTok) and said that I should get this, so I downloaded it, and my party trick is I can do lee Evans faces, so made a lee Evans video and it blew up getting over 100,000 views and I was like wow okay!" "I’ve just done it to make people laugh and get reactions for a bit of fun. From people reacting about the videos, I can see people laughing - that’s literally the only reason why I do it. It’s the comments from people saying how much they have laughed what gives me a real buzz." Judging from the viewing figures that Ash has received, his videos seem to be going down a storm with hundreds of thousands of people, "Yeah, I never expected this many! I only did it because my mates said to give it a go!" To see what Ash has done, download TikTok and follow at @tatler1995.

Ashley Tatler is sponsored by Leodis Heating & Plumbing Specialists


Word of warning to parents of small children who may want to watch these videos - there is industrial language used.


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