"Nobody Is Getting Hold Of THIS Shirt!"

“Nobody is getting hold of THIS shirt!” was the defiant cry from Joe Turley, who had capped off a great display against Shelley FC with a trademark thunderous long range shot that the visiting custodian could only help into the net to seal a 1-0 win for Rangers.

Joe, who has played in a multitude of positions throughout his long time at the club, has made the left back position his own over the last few months, and his not so subtle warning to anyone thinking that they may challenge him for it, should be taken very seriously because, he isn’t messing around!

Often described as a player whose greatest assets are his heart, determination and a “never-say-die” attitude that means he’ll never give up chasing or scrapping for the ball, he also has a knack for scoring some, well ok always, impressive goals, and he’s that kind of player that wears his Rangers heart on his sleeve ad probably bleeds blue if cut!

Not one for talking formally to our Media Team, as he admits that he never knows what to say, I finally managed to get Joe to stand still long enough to have an, admittedly, small chat with him!

Pete Arnett: “How much are you enjoying life as a left back? Your displays have been awesome and you really seem to be settling into the role!”

Joe Turley: “I’m loving it at left back and I’m not willing to give it up. Nobody is getting hold of THIS shirt. I’m really enjoying my football at the moment.”

PA: “That would seem to indicate that you haven’t been?”

JT: “I never really enjoyed it when I played on the wing and didn’t get the ball or wasn’t able to get involved as much as I would like to. As a left back, however I’m loving it. It’s different and I love getting involved in this role. There’s a lot more to it and I’m just loving playing again and want to help the team win.”

PA: What made you want to switch to left back?

JT: “I think it was a bit of a joint position between me and Dan (Marshall). We were a few players short and I was asked if I could play there and I gave it a go, sat in the position for a few matches and found that I really enjoyed it.”

PA: You’re a Kirk Deighton Rangers boy at heart. How much does playing for this club mean to you?

JT: “I am and it means a lot, it really means a lot. When I score goals like I did today, the goals, the celebrations, they come from the heart and it’s something I want to keep on doing. I started at Deighton when I was seven or eight, both me and James Woodward down at Loshpot Lane. It seems like a long time ago!”

PA: I have to ask, it’s true isn’t it? Joe Turley does not score six-yard tap ins does he?

JT: “Joe Turley does not score six-yard tap ins!!!!”

And with that, his cheeky grin in place and a Turley laugh, he was gone!

As can be the case sometimes, it appears that it has taken Joe a while to find his “natural” position. We often hear of players being changed into a different role as their career progresses, and it looks like Joe and Dan Marshall may have produced a masterstroke in moving into the left back slot and, from the sound of it, Joe aims to keep that position for quite some time. Judging from his statement of intent, to quote from the A-Team’s B. A. Baracus, “I pity the fool” that tries to wrestle the number three shirt away from him!

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