No Failure In Our Preparation!

Training was back with a bang at Barr Field on Tuesday!

It is widely believed that founding father of the United States of America Benjamin Franklin once famously said “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail!” At Kirk Deighton Rangers, our UEFA B coach Ben Lawrence made sure that was not going to be case!

The hard work started in earnest on Tuesday night as over 30 players arrived at Barr Field for the clubs first training session of the new campaign. If they thought that they would have a gentle introduction with it being the opening evening, Ben and the managers present had other ideas!

Accompanied by a glorious evening of sunshine, the players were put through a punishing regimen of fitness testing and exercises that will, as the pre-season progresses, make sure that they are ready to hit the main campaign head on! Over the pitch were well constructed zones offering different challenges that not only kept the players engaged physically, but also offered a mental aspect that saw maximum effort applied.

Throughout the session, both Dan Marshall and Kris MacDonald were also casting their eyes over their respective teams and new recruits and both were in agreement over several aspects.

I was delighted with the number of players down (at Barr Field) and also their attitude and commitment. It was a quality session by Ben.

Dan Marshall - First Team Manager

Great turn out! To have 30 plus players turn up for the first Pre-Season session and so early compared to normal is fantastic. There was a great attitude from the players who worked their socks off and did it with a smile on their faces!! Also great to see some new faces to add even more quality to what is already a talented group of players.

Kris MacDonald - Reserve Team Manager

Judging from the responses of the players, who were obviously impressed with training “Good session, well thought out.”, “A really good setup”, “Enjoyed it a lot” being the most common ones, it seems that Rangers are certainly starting on the front foot when it comes to fitness and training.

Speaking to Ben Lawrence after the session, he was impressed with the level of commitment shown and has already promised to push the bar of progress even higher as the pre-season unfolds.

I was happy to see the lads buy into what we are trying to achieve. By making the players strong, faster and more powerful, we should be ready for August 11th when we start the new season and the hard work pays off.

Ben Lawrence - First Team Coach

So Mr Franklin, as you can see, we prepared and we certainly didn’t fail!


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