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Following Rangers 3-0 defeat to South Cave United in their final pre-season match, Manager Dan Marshall spoke to KDRAFC Media. Here are his thoughts on:

The game.

"I thought it was a good game. They are a good outfit, but I thought we had spells where we were on top, possible the beginning of both halves, but we also contributed to our downfall on all three goals. Our play in the final third and finishing wasn't as good as it has been in previous matches, but that's credit to South Cave as well, they are a quality side, and it's easy to see why they haven't lost in nineteen games.

These are the kind of games we wanted, however, as you sometimes get more out of a defeat and I think we need to be more mentally tougher at times, especially of the games isn't going our way at times or when we are behind, and then we have to show a different side to our game.

All in all, over the pre-season I can have no complaints. We are going into the season in a strong position. Ben has got the lads in fantastic shape, and we have played some competitive sides and had some good results, although these aren't the be-all and end-all in pre-season. We have to make sure that we now continue with the work ethic we have shown, and I have no doubt that the quality will shine through."

On what has been most pleasing during Pre-Season.

"I would have to say the work ethic. There has never been a doubt about the quality of the individual players, but I think sometimes it was 'could we work harder when we don't have the ball, could we work harder during the transitions or get our shape back when an attack has broken down?' I think that the mental side is as important as the footballing side. You can be the best team in the world, but if you don't apply yourself mentally as well, then you will come unstuck.

We know that we will have to work hard this season as there are some very hard teams in our division. We need to show the same application week in, week out against all the teams and not let the standards we have set in pre-season drop."

On our main aim this season.

"We've got to be looking at promotion as a minimum. If we can get into the promotion places and keep in the mix at the end of the season, then you look to see if you can go one better and win the title.

With the make-up of the cups and league still a little uncertain, it's going to be a strange season, but one we have to enjoy."

On the opening match against Otley Town.

"We only played them the once last season, but it was a three all draw and an entertaining game. We have to show the respect that they deserve, but at the same time not over respect them and play to our strengths. They are a very competitive side who will be up and around the top of the league. They have also played some high-end sides in their pre-season, and I expect it to be a tough test."

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