From The Dugout.

Following the 4-1 win over local rivals Tadcaster Magnets, Manager Dan Marshall spoke to KDRAFC Media about the game.

Initial thoughts on the match?

"I was really pleased. The application from the lads in the first three games has been excellent, and they have taken it into this game as well which is superb. It has given us a basis to play well and get results, although we aren't really looking at the results at this stage, more the need to improve game on game and also looking to improve on the fitness side as well.

I have to say that Ben (Lawrence) has got the lads in fantastic shape, and that is first and foremost what stands out, not just for me, but from other people who have commented on it.

It's been a difficult time, but the lads have done their own stuff to stay in shape, they have come back and brought into what Ben has wanted to do, and as a result, we have really hit the ground running, and that's the culture this year."

The defence looking solid.

"Milky (Joe Wilks) has dropped back into centre-half in the last few games, and he gives us that reassurance and that little bit of calmness that you get from a class player. Conor (Buckley) and Jon (Richards) have both returned from a spell of not being able to play, and they are quality players who have brought an extra level to our game. Dubes (Luke Dubery) has gone back into midfield, and again he gives us something different there.

I also have to mention Craig (Hall) who has improved so much over the last year. He's sharp, gets involved in all phases of play and gives us that extra dimension which is excellent and what we need."

Charlie Yates's hat-trick.

"Charlie has had to be patient for his goals in the last few matches, but he is a number nine at the end of the day, and he isn' pleased when he doesn't score. He knows how highly we rate him, and what was very pleasing to see was how patient he was. He scored with practically his second and fourth touches of the game, and then created chances and pressed where we needed him to, and took the penalty to score his hat-trick, which will give him more confidence."


"We know that we will probably need a big squad this season, and we are trying to have two players for every position. We know that there are times when they will be injured or unavailable for some games, so we want to have players that can slot in without issues.

I think that we had a good spirit within the group last year as well, but this year there seems to be an extra ingredient which is superb. I think the results and fitness have helped and also that they understand it's a "no excuse" culture this season, they know they need to put the work in, and so far it's been excellent.

The Pre-Season schedule.

"We decided two or three years ago that we wanted to play sides higher or at the same level as us, as we seem to play better football against these types of teams. We want to push the lads, and get them in the mindset of going out and performing to the best they can against all types of opposition. We have had, and are going to have some quality opposition, and we can only benefit from these games."

On next opponents Huntington Rovers.

"They are a good side, as all the top York Premier sides are. Again it will be a tough encounter, but that's what we want. There has been an improvement in each of the four games so far, and that's what we want to see in every game."

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