Ben Lawrence's Post Match Reaction

First Team Coach Ben Lawrence was full of praise for Kirk Deighton Rangers as they not only celebrated a first win in five games but also overcame neighbours Wetherby Athletic in a match that had everything that a derby should have!

A stunning twenty-yard strike by Charlie Yates had given Rangers an early lead, but Wetherby had pushed hard and nearly found the equaliser several times.

Joe Wilks increased our lead with a near range strike before Josh Wilson pulled a debatable goal back.

With three minutes to go, a tackle by the Wetherby touchline sparked a free for all and when the dust had settled, Wetherby were down to 10 men following a red card.

On the game itself …

The main thing is that we said before the game that derbies are never pretty and as much as you would like to go out there and play your game, I think that Wetherby prevented us from doing that and made it awkward for us. Saying that, we played well and controlled the game for the first twenty-five minutes, but then they came into it tail-end of the first half. It was a similar pattern for the second half with us dominating and going into a two-nil lead, but they worked hard and got the break and Josh Wilson scored. I was still confident that we could have gone forward and scored a third but credit to the lads as these types of game are often difficult to win.

On Wetherby Athletic …

I’m surprised that they are near the bottom of the league as they worked really hard, in fact really, really hard! They showed quality and they have real leaders in the team who play well and drive the team forward. I’m confident that they can still pull it together and get out of the bottom three. I’ve got nothing but admiration for them today as they worked their socks off.

On the two sides knowing each other so well …

I can be a hinderance sometimes when teams know each other so well, some of their players have played for us before in various teams and vice versa and with a lot of the players being friends as well off the pitch, a lot of styles are known. I think that brining Danny Grannon back in gave us an advantage upfront as he was a handful for Brian Blewitt, and he made it difficult for them. I know that Blewly will probably say that he had him in his pocket, but he didn’t, and Danny’s physicality gave us a different angle. Mind you, saying that they had players in their side that I didn’t recognise, so they had areas where we had to really pay attention and slightly adapt as well.

On the sending off …

I saw the challenge by the Wetherby player and wasn’t sure that it was really needed as the ball was heading out of play. I didn’t see what happened after that, so can’t really comment on it.

On the wing play that Rangers produced …

We take a lot of pride in the way that we play forward, and we have really good full backs that can join in the attack when needed, but in reality, we have a lot of great wingers in the club and we are confident that any of them can get at the opposition full backs and cause problems. We have tried to work on quick play down the wings as an option and I think that the first goal is a credit to that play as it started with the full back. I must also say what a great goal it was by Charlie. I was right behind the play and it was an outstanding strike.


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