Barr Field Improvements

Simon looks over his hard work at Barr Field.

It's been a tough few months without a doubt. Not only have people had to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic, but also issues such as furlough from workplaces have affected ways of life.

In amongst this, one man was determined to put his increased spare time to good use and, alongside his voluntary community work helping pharmacies deliver vital medication to the vulnerable, he has been at Barr Field doing a mixture of jobs to help us prepare for when football returns.

As a club, we would like to say a massive thank you to Simon Dean, who has been amazing. Not only has he tidied up around and painted the dugouts that we have, but he has repainted all the posts and railings in our blue and white colours, which is no easy task, especially with all the cleaning and prep work that was needed!

Having finished this mammoth task, a well-earned break would be in order, but not for Simon who by his admission "needs to be busy, or he would drive his wife mad at home!" He is now using his engineering knowledge on several other projects that will benefit the club.

The recipient of a Local Hero award by the Wetherby Grumbler group on Facebook for his work, we are extremely lucky to have someone of his calibre at the club, and we truly appreciate all that he does.

The new blue and white post and railings down by the Allotment End.
Simon's hard work up to the Clubhouse End.


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