A Rangers Tale (August) - FM 2020

With Pre-Season finished, all eyes turned towards the league opener against Wrexham. The week started with Press Officer Pete Arnett given the go-ahead to announce that striker Charlie Yates had committed his future to the club until 2021 (what he didn't mention however was the number of add-on clauses that nearly used all the paper in the copier when the contract was printed!) The mood altered after Ben Lawrence's news that Lewis Mallinson, Josh Barden and Kieran Arnett had suffered injuries whilst training. However, the trio would be available for the game, but wouldn’t be 100% fit. Subs used: Hall replaced Turley, Joe Barden replaced Bhandal, Tatler replaced Yates. “Brilliant!” was the m

A Rangers Tale (Part 2) - FM 2020

A subdued training session took place at Barr Field following the disappointing 0-0 draw against Buxton, but the blues were soon lifted with the news that Jonty Smith, Josh Barden, Dan Flynn and Rob Holliday had all signed new contracts. The only downer was that Holliday had insisted that two release clauses were inserted meaning that if Rangers were to be relegated or a team from a higher division came in for him, it was sayonara Kirk Deighton, hello glitzy lights of (insert team here!) Macdonald’s mood was sent further south when the news from the physio room reached him that Joe Barden had injured his back-lifting weights (although the rumour that the boss had said “lifting pints more lik

A Rangers Tale - FM 2020

Following a massive shakeup by the Football Association, Kirk Deighton Rangers found themselves placed in the Conference Premier Division (I know, just go with it!) A quick spruce up of Barr Field saw several stands erected amazingly quickly, and the capacity raised to an official 6078 (2200 seated), more importantly, the toilets were finally fixed in the club house much to the delight of Chairman Rich Strike. Following weeks of preparation, Manager Daniel Macdonald (leave it!) and his squad of 22 players (all the game would allow me – apologies for those who didn’t get drafted in!) were ready to go and pre-season loomed. Rangers suffered an injury scare a couple of days before the match whe

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